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Dog Walking in the dark - How to stay safe and be seen

I recently took on new clients that needed a dog walk in the evenings. Our location is a rural housing estate and recreation ground with minimal street lighting. I soon realised that to stay safe and be seen I needed to add a few extra items to my dog walking

kit bag.

LED dog collar

Firstly I slip an LED dog collar over the dog's head so that they can easily be located when off lead or at the end of an extendable lead. Secondly, we use a reflective harness and lead to keep the dog visible even in low-level light. Thirdly I would highly recommend a lead with a detachable poo bag dispenser as this avoids fumbling around in the dark to find a waste bag.

For my safety, I choose to wear a head torch so that I can remain hands-free throughout our walk. I dressed in light-coloured clothing and wore a sports jacket with reflective high-vis panels.

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